A few words I wrote the week after Sparky died in June, 2000...

and words I thought again in November, 2006 when Pip joined him.

Notice: This artzy-fartzy site, onetime home of The St. Louis Project, is now and forever dedicated to the memory and continuing works of feisty little Sparky "small-shot" Krause who blessed his daddy and Pip and the rest of the world with his physical presence from January 1989 until June 23, 2000, at which time he moved on, to forever leave the suffering of this world behind. Certainly his Soul now dwells where all good Souls dwell, wherever that might be ~



    "Where Are You Now?"     

(to the tune of "Amazing Grace")


Oh Sparky Krause,

Where have you gone?

Your daddy weeps

to hold you now.



You should by now

know where boys go,

so won't you please,

please let us know.

So we can sleep,

in peace on Earth.



Oh Sparky Krause

don't let us down,

Please tell us all

where you've all gone.


Now Sparky Krause,

we'll see you soon.

And there will be great peace on Earth.


Oh Sparky Krause,

Goodbye for now...

Your daddy still weeps to hold you so.


    On June 25, 2000, this is where we returned my boy's body to the Earth from which it came. As I've tried to illustrate in the image above, his feisty soul remains very much alive and well.